Sponsor and Vendor Listing

Below is a list of SOME of the businesses and organizations that are sponsoring and scheduled to exhibit at the conference in April.  As organizations are confirmed, they will continue to be added here.






UConn KIDS: (Friday and Saturday)

Started in 2014, UConn KIDS (or Kids in Developmental Science) is a group of researchers from across many departments at the University of Connecticut that specialize in child development and behavior research. We are always seeking new families, schools, and community organizations to join us for studies and research collaboration, as our research would be impossible without willing participants and help from our communities!

The research happening through UConn KIDS contributes to the understanding of complex issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech and language delays, how children develop social skills, why childhood friendships end, and even how food companies use targeted ads to market directly to children. If you’re interested in signing up for a study or learning more about us, be sure to visit kids.uconn.edu, and follow us on Twitter (@UconnKIDS) or Facebook (facebook.com/uconnkids).

CT DEPARTMENT of PUBLIC HEALTH- Nutrition (Friday and Saturday)

We will promote nutrition & physical activity best practices, grant funded nutrition and physical activity training and services, and resources and tools to support early care and education providers.

HEALTHY FROM DAY ONE- Nurturing Healthy Children Through Family Wellness (Friday and Saturday)

You’re there for them. We’re here for you!

There are lots of different things that impact our children’s health. But perhaps the most important factor is the overall wellness of our families. To provide the best environment for our children, we need to make sure that our family unit is as healthy as possible.

Family wellness is determined not only by our physical health (through nutrition, doctors’ visits, exercise, etc.), but also by our emotional health, the relationships we enjoy, and our connection to our community.

“Healthy From Day One” will share materials and website about how we all can improve our family wellness.


Charm Medical Supply is a trusted source of healthcare supplies and medical equipment for hundreds of caregivers, human service organizations and thousands of people throughout Connecticut and New England.

We handle all insurance processing including obtaining medical documentation, submitting paperwork and tracking renewals.  We are a Medicaid/Husky, BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim and Medicare provider.  We service over 9,000 individuals in CT, MA and RI ages 3 and up to the elder population that have a medical diagnosis for incontinence.  Absorbency products are then home delivered ach month that are covered by their Medicaid insurance.

Our retail store is located in West Hartford at 348 North Main St. (Bishops Corner) for all your medical supply and equipment needs.


We provide support training and advocacy to help empower parents in the special education arena.

ALFIBAG-(Friday only)

Handmade hats, purses (knit and fabric), children’s aprons, and some jewelry using reclaimed material.

USBORNE BOOKS & MORE-(Friday and Saturday)

Looking for books, literacy services, and fundraisers for your organization? Usborne Books & More has books for all ages and interests, plus provides book fairs, fundraisers, a 50% more matching grant program, a read-a-thon, and more for the children you reach and teach.  Parents and educators both will find something for their kids to enjoy. Don’t forget to enter the free book giveaway when you stop at the table.  See all of our books at BookshelfWarrior.com

SimplyFun Games(Saturday Only)

…is home to award winning family board games. It’s been our mission to help children at every skill level develop their unique gifts using the power of play. Our games are fun to play, and supplement structured learning with life and educational skill development. Our four main skill areas include: Math & STEM, Reading & Language Arts, Life & Thinking Skills, and Social Sciences & Studies. Our games also help parents balance their kids’ screen time with face-to-face attention and togetherness. Each game is evaluated by our Play Advisory Council who make sure the needs of different ages and skill levels are met. Most of our games have been evaluated for special needs, including autism and offer modifications for play. This commitment to quality has helped SimplyFun win over 100 awards from leading organizations in the world of play, education and parenting. Jennifer Gladu, Independent Consultant and Playologist is here to help you find the perfect games for your home, classroom or organization. www.simplyfun.com/jgladu


Thrive! is the Quality Recognition and Improvement System (QRIS) for the state of Connecticut. The purpose of Thrive! is to make a variety of professional development opportunities available to child care providers that will improve the level of quality in programs. Early care and education providers have access to training programs, technical assistance and professional development opportunities.

2-1-1 Child Care

2-1-1 Child Care is a free, confidential, statewide service that provides child care referrals, consumer education and resources to assist families with their child care needs. 2-1-1 Child Care provides early care professionals with training, technical assistance and resources.  2-1-1 Child Care also provides data and statistics related to Connecticut’s child care system to share with community members and stakeholders.

Yale Infant and Child Development Group(Friday and Saturday)

We are a team of five psychology labs at Yale University.

Colleen Brunetti-(Friday and Saturday)

Author of a new Children’s Book – Aidan is a superhero with very special powers indeed. With his trusty dog Rocco at his side, there’s nothing he can’t do. But something is making Aidan sick. And when Aidan gets sick, he is very, very droopy. Will his grownups ever figure out what’s stealing his super powers? And how can he find his boundless energy once again?

Heather Lagace

Heather Lagace, Licensed Profession Counselor, Certified Life Coach, adjunct professor, author and parent offers several guiding books for working or living with children and families: We Cannot Give to Children What We Do Not Have for Ourselves; Growing into a Healthier Relationships, Family Meeting Curriculum, Family Rituals: Making the Most of Our Time Together, and her newest release: I Am in My Life for Keeps: A Course in Thriving.

The Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health, Inc (CT-AIMH)

The Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health, Inc (CT-AIMH) is a statewide nonprofit organization that works to promote the importance of infant and early childhood mental health and attachment, strengthen the infant and early childhood workforce and advance policies that ensure young children have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in the formative early years of development. We hold a set of competencies, that once they are met, can lead to Endorsement in Infant and/or Early Childhood Mental Health. www.ct-aimh.org

LU LA ROE-(Saturday only)

LuLaRoe is a line of clothing that is comfortable, affordable and stylish. Specializing in women’s and children’s dresses, skirts, tops and of course the famous LEGGINGS! A limited quantity is made of each particular pattern, so each piece is truly one of a kind!

BAREFOOT BOOKS- (Saturday only)

Our mission is to Share Stories, Inspire Children and Connect Families!! At Barefoot Boks we believe in the power of stories. We make and sell the kinds of stories that bring families and community together. We show parents how to share stories with their children, how to make it matter and how to make it fun!!  We specialize in carefully crafted books and gifts that combine beautiful artwork and captivating storytelling. Our stories capture the imagination, spark curiosity, and instill a respect for the diversity of our world.

Discovery Toys- (Friday and Saturday)

Kathy Gillis, Discovery Toys New England Region Leader, has 23 years’ experience coaching parents on ways to play, helping children learn, educators communicate & creating family memories!

Offering many services……

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INFINITY MUSIC(Friday and Saturday)

WATKINS PRODUCTS(Friday and Saturday)

Soaps and incense

All ThingZ Shantel- ( Saturday)

Planning Events From A to Z
Jewelry, Custom Umbrellas, Custom Mugs
Advantages of All ThingZ Shantel…Facebook: All ThingZ Shantel

Drumming About You(Saturday)

Art Breaks (Friday Only)

Cassilano Clinical Services (Friday only)

Gesell Institute of Child Development  (Friday only)

FAVOR (Friday and Saturday)

Full of Joy Yoga/Mindful Yoga Breaks-(Saturday only)

Yale Infant and Child Development Group– (Friday only)

The Infant and Child Development Group at Yale University is a team of five psychology labs who work with children and families to learn about the ways in which kids think and reason about the world as they develop.  At our exhibit, we will have flyers and brochures with more detailed information about the research we conduct and how families can get involved.

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