Traci Glylln

Traci graduated from Lesley University with a master’s degree in early childhood education and is a Licensed Teacher PreK-2nd Grade (with and without Disabilities) in Massachusetts.  She also went on to receive an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies from Lesley University.  She taught in both substantially separate and integrated preschool classrooms.

After 13 years in the classroom, she created PLAYDATE and PLAYMATES, LLC which offers direct services to young children, as well consultation services for early childhood settings.

PLAYDATE is an individual 1:1 session that focuses on functional toy play, joint attention, turn-taking, communication, and positive social-emotional learning.  The goal is to help foster the growth and development of each child through play.

PLAYMATES is a small (4 children max) integrated play session with peers.  There is an element of teacher facilitation, however, the play is child-centered and aimed towards increasing developmentally appropriate play and social skills.  Positive Behavior Strategies will be the cornerstone of each session as children work on solving social conflicts, using flexible thinking, and playing rule based/turn-taking games.

Most recently, she became a Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor and looks forward to incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness into her play practice.  Throughout her teaching career, she has seen the most valuable aspect of the day dwindle in order to make more time for “learning.”  PLAY is LEARNING!

No child should ever live or learn in isolation.  Everyone deserves to have playdates and playmates!