Stephan Palmer
Founder & CEO, Youth on Fire Inc

Stephan Palmer is a Business Leader with community at heart, and a father of 5 who is raising his 5-year-old son full-time. He is the Founder and CEO of Youth on Fire Inc. He has a passion that drives him to fight for community change, family stability, entrepreneurship, and fatherhood throughout his state and city with his ability to build relationships, create stable teams, and develop a vision to bring forth action anywhere needed. As a leader, he feels it is important to always learn, listen, and motivate those around him to the next level of their field of work. Understanding the age-old saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child ‘’, Stephan fully believes in collaboration to enhance the quality of work that we present to our communities. He applies every level of his experience with the Aspen Institute, 2Gen, Juvenile Justice Reform, Fatherhood Reform, Community Change, and Family Stability to make change. Stephan has been awarded three state Citations for his efforts: 2016 for parent advocacy, 2019  for co-designing and co-leading the Parent Academy for 2 Generational Initiative, and in 2018 from the Hartford Court of Common Council for the uplifting of the community within the North End of Hartford CT.