Joyce Bosco
Family and Community Engagement Specialist, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving/Catholic Charities

Joyce Bosco is the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving/Catholic Charities’ Family and Community Engagement Specialist. Ms. Bosco has been recognized for her strong leadership, parent engagement and community organizing skills, as well as her dedicated civic engagement commitment of over 30 years, as a Hartford resident to improving services to families in the Greater Hartford Area. She previously served as the Director of Catholic Charities’ Southside Family Center, a position she held for eight years. During her tenure as Director, the family center and she has received numerous awards of excellence at the city, state and national levels. In her current position as the Family and Community Engagement Specialist the major emphasis of her work is to support systems change by of providing technical assistance and professional development in the areas of family support engagement that align with local state and national initiatives that support best practices. She has presented both locally and nationally in the field of family support, parent leadership development, and civic engagement.  She developed The Capital Region Alliance for Family Support and Engagement (C.R.A.F.S.E.) in partnership with the Office of Early Childhood in 2015Hartford to connect family support professionals to best practices and discuss how to integrate these practices to provide an opportunity to learn and grow together.  She is a strong proponent of authentic parent engagement, which supports parents as partners, leaders, decision makers and advocates that they be brought to the table to have a strong voice in developing solutions to the issues that affect them most.