John Flanders
Executive Director of the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center

John Flanders is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center.  CPAC is the Parent Training and Information Center mandated under IDEA for the State of Connecticut.

John began his involvement in special education early in 1996 when his then three year old son had a profound hearing loss as a the result of contracting Pneumococcal meningitis.  In 1997, significantly as the result of his family’s experiences in the PPT process he enrolled in the University of Connecticut School of Law.  Following Graduation he spent two years as the Children’s Rights Advocate for the A.G. Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Washington DC.  He has practiced in Connecticut representing families with children with disabilities from 2002 until he was appointed by CPAC in December 2015.

John has served on many Commissions and groups working on the rights of people with disabilities, including notably the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities and the State Advisory Committee on Special Education, serving as a member of the Executive Committee of both groups.

He is currently a member of the Cromwell Board of Education and Committee to Support People with Disabilities.  He formally served as a member of Cromwell’s Board of Selectmen for four years, Board of Finance for five years and as First Selectmen from 2009-11.

He was raised by wolves.