Amanda Votto
Mindfulness Teacher and Physician Assistant

Amanda Votto PA-C is a mindfulness teacher trained at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center for Mindfulness. She has extensive experience with mindfulness, including teaching the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) series, leading a variety of retreats & workshops, offering private mindfulness coaching and keynote speaking events on mindfulness. She also teaches mindful parenting courses and offers private parenting coaching.

Amanda is a physician assistant in cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. She believes in a holistic approach to healthcare and that we all possess the power to heal ourselves from the inside out. Amanda has seen both personally and professionally the unlimited benefits of mindfulness on the mind, body and spirit. Amanda has also been trained through Mindful Schools and has a strong interest in teaching mindfulness to school-aged children.

Amanda is master teacher at Copper Beech Institute, West Hartford, CT.

For more information, please refer to Amanda’s website, www.amandavotto.com.