Thank you for being part of this year’s Childhood Conversations Together We Will Virtual Conference.  Below is a list of resources available for each workshop.  These include Zoom chats, external links and more! 


A.  Transforming Education During the Pandemic and Beyond (Gil Noam) –

B.  Strengthening Families’ Support System, Helping Families Through the Transition After the Pandemic and Beyond (Jane Hampton-Smith and Adriana Fontaine)

C.  Achieving Equity in Bloomfield with Cross-Sector Partnerships: A Case Study (Randi McCray)

D.  The Power of Personal Stories to Make a Change (Merrill Gay) – Here is the link to the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance zoom meetings and recordings

F.  What Does Tech Equity Look Like? (Claire Conroy and Smita Worah) – If anyone would like training on how to record your screen or show parents how to use Google Translate and/or Google Input (which lets you type in another language), please contact me at SERC! Clair Conroy,


A.  Lessons from the Field: Parent Engagement Strategies in a Pandemic and Beyond (Randi McCray)

B.  Regional Approach to Supporting Basic Needs for Children & Families (Kristine Cicchetti & Emily Ross)

C.  Mindfulness For You and Your Classroom (Dawn Dubay)

D.  Let’s Talk! A Time To Heal… A Time To Hope (Paquita Jarman-Smith)