C Workshops

SATURDAY AFTERNOON – (1:30-3:00 p.m.)

Full descriptions of all our workshops are available online to help you in selecting your preferences.  Please remember to list a 1st and 2nd choice for each workshop block, as workshop spaces are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

C1: Mind Games: Think, Learn and Have fun

This TV Style Game show will present a basic model of human cognition illustrating human strengths and weaknesses with 25 activities which have been described as amazing, awesome, cool, educational, endearing, insightful, fabulous, fascinating, fun, hilarious, insightful, interesting and mind-blowing to help you become a better teacher and parent.  Bring these activities to your classroom, home or organization so that your students may be safer, better students and communicators.

Target audience:  This workshop relevant for parents, parenting educators, elementary, middle and high school teachers and after-school professionals.

Presenter:  Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD, LLC

C2: Yoga for Kids and the Strategies that Work (SESSION FULL)

This workshop is designed to help teachers, parents, day care providers, physical therapists, and others in the education field learn strategies and techniques to use in the classroom and small group settings to help calm students down as well as develop lessons and activities that will help students perform yoga poses and create mindfulness within themselves and their environments.  Educators will walk away with real world lessons an ideas to use with young children under the umbrella of yoga an mindfulness, and participants will hopefully feel energized and relaxed as well, in the end.

Target audience:  This workshop is relevant for any/all teachers, parenting educators, after-school professionals and parents.

Presenter:  Beth Agdish, West Hartford Public Schools


Hands-on, participatory music energizes kids. This session conveys basic skills to lead interactive drumming activities. Imagine your entire groups creating joyous and rhythmic patterns that spark captivating beats.

No prior musical experience is necessary. The leadership skills are grounded in simple, spoken cues. You’ll be given a handout, “BB’s Common Household Rhythms”, and Bob’s play-along compact disc, “Where’s Your Drum?”.  Interactive drumming builds self-esteem and confidence, inspires curiosity, and enriches “21st Century Learning”. It gives kids and their families a way to play together.

The workshop teaches a STEM activity. Learning about scientific properties, kids make a Brazilian-style, musical “shaker” from common materials such as plastic bottles. They can decorate their new instrument, too!

Feel free to bring your favorite drum, or, enjoy some from Bob’s colorful cargo.

Target audience:  This workshop is relevant for any/all teachers, and after-school professionals.

Presenter:  Bob Bloom, Drumming About You

 C4: Using Music to Support the Developing Relationship

We live in a fast paced world where parents frequently are having to choose between working and spending time with their children. Children are naturally musical beings and they learn and explore their world through song and rhythm. The use of music can support developmental milestones as well as assist in developing trust and positive interactions between child and parent. This workshops will include live experiences, video clips, and participants will leave with ideas on how to use music in the home to support developing relationships.

Target audience: This workshop is relevant for parents and parenting educators.

Presenter: Jona Jeffcoat, Infinity Music Therapy Services

C5: All in this together

A dynamic and interactive workshop which explores how children and parents can work better together. It also explores the role of parenting educators and how they can best support families.

Includes interactive session – In my shoes (getting parents and parent educators to think from the perspective of the young person).

Target audience:  The workshop is relevant for parents and parenting educators.

Presenter:  Alison Johnson, AJ Training Services

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