2020 Request for Presenter

Explore the Landscape of Equity and Bias through the Lens of Social-Emotional Learning

Proposal deadline November 29, 2019

We are seeking presenters for our 2020 Annual Conference.

Conference planners are accepting proposals for workshops for the one-day conference, which offers parents and professionals throughout Connecticut and the regional area the opportunity to learn from local and nationally renowned speakers. This RFP is to identify speakers that provide opportunities for participants to learn about relevant and timely topics related to Equity and Bias in the context of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

Please be creative and descriptive in your submission.

Proposal Review Process:  Proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Committee. Once a proposal has been approved, a letter of acceptance will be e-mailed to the lead presenter. Extra points will be given to proposals that provide tools for practitioners and families to use and to proposals that adhere to adult learning principles (Proposals that are intended to sell products will not be accepted).

Audiovisual Equipment:  AV equipment is the responsibility of the presenter.

Stipend:  Presenter will receive $100 per workshop and waiver of conference registration fees. Presenters may also request a vendor table at no additional charge.

For more information contact Monica Whalen at mwhalen@ctafterschoolnetwork.org